The Desire to Build

The desire to create a home for you and your family is a fundamental human emotion.

The whole process from the conception of ideas on orientation and layout, the selection of materials and finishes and on through to the construction and completion phase 

can be a very rewarding journey.


If you are visiting this site you are probably looking to select a builder for a planned project.

I have been designing and building structures and spaces for over 30 years

and for me it is still an occupation that can inspire and excite.


Some of my former clients have become good mates, so my advice in selecting a builder is this:

Choose someone that you can communicate with, someone that shares the same values as you 

and someone you feel you can trust.


In constructing this site I have tried to display my company's methods and motivations which

are directed by the 3 signposts of Conceive, Control, Complete.


I hope you find it useful and wish you well with your project. 

Please contact me if I can be of further assistance.


Kevin Long